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The Worst Time To Buy A Car

The worst time to buy a car is when you badly need it.

Car broke downMaybe you just started a new job that requires driving more so you need something more fuel efficient. Or, your old car broke down and the repair costs more than the car is worth. Maybe you simply need a car urgently because of some other reasons.

When you’re under pressure, it’s much harder to get a good deal.

You won’t have enough time to test drive different cars. You’d be looking at different offers in a hurry. And, you’d be forced to forget about your preferred features since you don’t have time to wait. You’d end up settling for what’s available then and there.

The best time to buy a newer vehicle (and basically all other things) is when you don’t need it.

You can wait for the right offer to come. You can negotiate harder on the price because you know you can walk away anytime. Plus, you can patiently wait for your ideal car to come. You don’t need to compromise on colors, features, and anything else. While waiting for the best deal, you can start improving your credit or saving for a down payment.

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