Car Models That Are Only Available in Canada

Luxurious companies thrive on customers that are really into exclusivity. On the other hand, some people just want a unique signature with features that are well-suited to the nature of their location and lifestyle. Manufacturers from various brands have designed cars that are only available in Canada. That’s right folks, you can’t buy these bad boys anywhere but here...

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Auto Loan Refinancing – Tips, Strategies & Advice

Stuck on a car loan that is too much for our budget? Refinancing your car loan might be the best option for you. Auto refinancing is the process in which you replace your existing car loan with a new loan that is more favorable to your financial situation. More often than not, when people go into refinancing, they pay off their current loan using a new loan that they have acquired at a more affordable rate. People want to refinance their loan either because they want to lower the monthly payment or save money on a lower interest rate option...

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Car Insurance in Canada: Different Offers, Options and Coverage

Driving without car insurance in the streets of Canada is as illegal as driving without a license. There are a lot of different auto insurance options available to car owners, each one varies in terms of the extent of protection it gives.  You can easily shop for affordable insurance rates online but before you do, here are things that you must know about acquiring one in Canada. Avail of A Loyalty Promo Save time and money by asking your current life insurance (or home insurance) provider if they also offer insurance bundle packages...

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